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Frequency Wristbands Infused with Tourmaline


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The Boom! Frequency Wristbands are the result of over ten years of dedicated research, trials and use. More than $5m has been invested into understanding and utilising the natural resonance frequencies and how to deliver them to the human biofield.

The frequency wristbands use technology that is designed to deliver natural resonance frequencies into your biofield to help realign energetic imbalances in energy centres such as the chakras and meridians. Modern life means we are surrounded by man made frequencies all the time from mobile phones, electrical cables, satellite signals and more. This impacts the chakra and chi energy systems and puts it out of balance and our technology is designed to realign them.


To explain we need to go back.

For 5,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been based on the concept of chi energy. Tourmaline is a natural crystal source of this energy.

Laboratory experiments by Pierre and Jacques Curie way back in 1880 proved that Tourmaline generates an electrical charge. We now know this produces Far Infrared Photon (FIR) energy, negative ions and alpha waves – and neutralises positive ions from electrical equipment. 

In the nineteen twenties, German scientist Hans Berger recorded the first electrical frequencies transmitted by the human brain.

In 1952, another German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that our planet Earth pulses with measurable natural frequencies, which he called 'Schumann Resonance'.

Further research revealed that Schumann Resonance and the frequencies from the human brain when calm and relaxed, called Alpha Waves, are identical. The brain’s frequencies are known to control our performance, stress, anxiety and creativity, and are tuned to the pulse of the Earth.

In the 1960's, scientist Rutger Wever’s experiments revealed that connection to the Earth's natural frequencies can improve overall health and well-being.

World First Technology
Today each Frequency Wristband harnesses and channels 480 natural frequencies to help balance the chakra and chi energies.

The highest quality silicon of each Frequency Wristband is infused with a proprietary blend of precious minerals (Tourmaline, Titanium & Germanium) also each Frequency Wristband is embedded with a unique resonance processor, enabling you to receive 96x480 patterns of the unique patent-pending Natural Frequency Formula® every day along with 4,000ppm negative ions per second making it one of the most powerful ionic wristbands in the world.

Built For Modern Life
Each Frequency Wristband is tuned to meet today’s needs, designed to channel the frequencies directly into the wearers biofield. The wristband is stylish, waterproof and highly durable ideal for any active / sporting individual.

The Future
In the near future the company is aiming to give you the ability to log in and select the frequency you need most at any given time, e.g. pain relief (of which they have had amazing results in an instant even as far away as Australia) frequencies for stopping headaches etc. Each frequency wristband has its own Device ID code which is unique and will enable the frequencies to be targeted to help with specific problems. The possibilities are endless really and it is amazing something so affordable can do this!

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document or on this website constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult a medical doctor regarding your personal health issues.

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NB: All Frequency Wristbands come with a No Quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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