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Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress

'Geopathic Stress' Affects Many Areas in the UK & 'Electro Stress' Affects us ALL!

Geopathic and Electro StressHow To Insure That You Are You And Your Family Are Sleeping In A Safe Place?

What Is Geopathic Stress?
Geopathic Stress (GS): This is a natural phenomenon which can be damaging to our health. It is produced by changes to the Earths 'Electro Magnetic Field' (EMF) as it rises up from the core and then gets distorted by streams of underground water, geological fractures, underground cavities and some forms of mineral concentrations. These distorted vibrational frequencies can have a damaging effect on the health and energy of Humans and Animals.

What is Electro Stress (ES)?

Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons and transformers to cope with our increased use of electricity, but our bodies now also have to endure increased Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from computers, broadband wi-fi, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phone masts, vehicle navigation systems. For more on how to easily protect yourself from Electro-Stress go to our Earthing page.

Electro Stress is also known as ‘ES’, ‘Electromagnetic Pollution’, ‘EP’ and ‘Electrosmog’. Sources include, heating elements, mains transformers, substations, pylons, railway tracks, microwave emitting mobile phone masts, wires carrying alternating current, heated blankets, motorised beds, Wi-Fi networks and computers amongst many others.  The huge increase of 'electro-smog' or electro-stress' over the last 30 years means that our bodies are constantly being bombarded by Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs).

These EMFs build up an electrical charge that is held inside our bodies and interferes with our own internal electrical systems. This is having a dramatic effect on our natural health, as when we sleep at night, that is the time when the body runs it’s self-healing processes, but it finds it hard to do so when it is constantly fighting this build up of electrical potential. This also disrupts our Circadian rhythms leading to poor restless sleep. You can discover a really simple, safe, yet effective way of draining 'elecro-stress' from your body, whilst you sleep, on our 'earthing' page

If a person is exposed to some sources in a close enough proximity for prolonged periods then health can be adversely affected.

Not Many People Realise That Geopathic Stress Is One Of The Most Powerful And Dangerous EMFs Emitted By 'Mother Earth'!

We have lived with these emissions for millions of years and our bodies are naturally attuned and synchronised with this Earth frequency. In ancient times our ancestors new about these harmful energies and gave them names like Dragon Lines, Black Streams and Green Rays. A large body of research has been done with Ancient sites and no abnormal ‘Earth Energy’ has been found under any of these sites. Large standing stones or Dolmens were usually placed in a triangular fashion and it is now believed that these were used to attract the Dragon Lines and the area between them was neutralised. Possibly this was also the reason for placing large corner stones in buildings.

Geopathic StressGS and ES can be harmful to health?

Geopathic Stress (GS)
Today, we know  these Dragon Lines as Geopathic Stress. Geo from the Greek word for ‘earth’ and Pathic from the Greek word pathos meaning to ‘suffer’ or ‘cause disease’. Geopathic Stress EMFs rise up through houses and buildings and affect the occupants in different ways. It is estimated that over 70% of people live in a location that has a substantial amount of GS.

1 In 2 To Develop Cancer By 2020!
A recent government report stated that in 2012 a person was diagnosed with Cancer every 2 minutes. By 2020 a recent report stated that over 30 million of us in the UK (1 in 2), will develop some form of Cancer during our lives. 
Like any major stress, GS can seriously deplete your Immune System. A weak Immune system is an open invitation to disease.

Numerous worldwide studies link EMFs to serious health problems such as leukemia, ME, MS, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system, forgetfulness, depression, nausea, certain cancers, insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding of teeth, nightmares and fatigue and muzzy head in the morning. Children are often bed wetting and babies continuously crying. 
These ailments are not caused by Electro Stress or Geopathic Stress on their own, but develop as a result of the breakdown of the body’s natural functioning and lowering of the body’s Immune System. The Immune System is our body’s main defence against sickness and disease. A weak Immune System is an open invitation to sickness and disease.
Even the EPA once recommended in March 1990 that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen alongside formaldehyde, DDT and PCBs.
Geopathic Stress (GS) and Electro Stress (ES) are hard to detect as they are continuously on the move. An electronic device has been developed over the last 10 years that can neutralise both ES and GS in your house or place of work. This device is known as a GEOMACK.
Continuous development has continued over the years to give a larger margin of safety in protection against Geopathic Stress and to ever increase the protection against Electro Stress, as our urban environments are being further and further filled with harmful telecommunication networks.
Continuous development has continued over the years to give a larger margin of safety in protection against Geopathic Stress and to ever increase the protection against Electro Stress, as our urban environments are being further and further filled with harmful telecommunication networks.

The Science
There's a lot of mind-bending science behind the study of bio-fields, but the bottom line is the Geomacks work by resonating rejuvenating frequencies that cancel out the harmful effects of EMFs and other negative frequencies. It's similar to how some people use music to drown out the sounds they don't want to hear. 
The Geomack Is A Multi-Wave Oscillator
Put simply, it sucks up large amounts of Electro-Magnetic stress in homes, shops, gardens and stables and then emits a healthy vibration of around 8 to 13 Hertz. That is approximately the earths natural level of vibration, and an ideal environment for supporting a healthy body. This explains why NASA has introduced this vibration level as a comfortable constant in spacecrafts where astronauts are expected to live for prolonged periods. 
The Geomack has continuously been improved to cope with the increase in Geopathic Stress, as the sun’s effect on earth has become more powerful due to the continuing weaker ozone layer. Geomacks now also deal with the great increase in Electro Pollution.

No Moving Parts & No Maintenance
These neutralisers are probably the single most important investment you can make to help you and your family live a healthier and happier life. There are no moving parts and no maintenance is required. After installation, you’ll find in a short space of time a huge range of health benefits take place.  
Some people report an immediate increase in vitality and most of their symptoms of ill health suddenly disappear, but it may take up to two months for a building to be totally cleared of the effects of Geopathic Stress (GS) and Electro Stress (ES) and for improvements in the case of severe health problems to occur.
For over 20 years, tens of thousands of Geomacks have been sold all over the world to and recommended by medical practitioners and individuals.
We always advise that these products are not a substitute for medical treatment and that your doctor’s advice on any health problems should not be ignored or discontinued.

Home Benefits:
By protecting your most precious sanctuary, you’ll find that those most dear to you feel healthier and happier in every sense. Especially when life seems so short, this modest lifetime investment seems a small price to pay for you and your family to establish the healthiest set of circumstances to enable you all to live life to the full.
Many feel the effects of  ES & GS are purely psychological and due to suggestion, but then you cannot influence the behaviour of animals, plants and babies. Most animals will seek to sleep in a good place and will become ill if forced to live in a GS home, stable, etc. Most types of trees will have stunted growth and not bear fruit in GS places. The majority of babies who cry continuously during the night, sleep peacefully immediately their cot is moved into a GS-free place.


Geomack GS and ES Neutralisers
There is a range of Geomacks to suit any type of building and the new G-Oyster has now  been developed to help protect you whilst you are on the move. Protect yourself and your family NOW! All Geomacks will last a lifetime and just need placing somewhere in your house. That’s it.
This is like taking out a one-time family health insurance. All Geomacks have a 3 month no quibble Guarantee.



Application: Centre
“Since using this device my therapeutic success rate has increased considerably and I would recommend them to patients and therapists alike.” 
Dr R A Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP, Verwood, Dorset, United Kingdom

Application: Home/portable unit 
“Geomack offers a practical, affordable, reliable and very effective solution which can and does change people’s lives. The Geomack family are truly unique.” 
Pauline Kennedy, Feng Shui consultant, London , United Kingdom

Application: Centres 
“I would have no difficulty in recommending your systems to anybody - and would in fact strongly advise them to purchase one for their health’s sake.” 
Dr. Laurent Bannock, Clinical Director, The Nutrafit Clinic

Application: Centre 
“We would like to give some feedback as to how much success we have found with your products over the last five years. The findings are astounding and have a major contribution to make to the well-being and recovery of our clients.” 
Hans Hoogeveen, Certified, National Energetic Health Practitioner, The Netherlands

Application: Home 
“The Geomack unit came into our lives at the eleventh hour.” 
Mayne Sundewall-Hopkins, Looe, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Application: House 
“I am so grateful to you. If it was not for your research on our house, our circumstances and your recommending a Geomack unit, I believe that it would have eventually cost me my life without over enlarging things.” 
Mrs Elaine Plant, Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom

Application: Centre 
“The Geomack unit has changed my life completely. As far as I am concerned it is money well spent.” 
Liz Morris, Heavenly Bodies Therapy Clinic, Winchester, Hampshire,  United Kingdom 

Application: Home 
“At the time we didn’t believe you but we gave you the benefit of the doubt and bought a Geomack  unit. Now, six months later, we are very glad we did!” 
Yvonne and Henk, The Netherlands

Application: Home + Pets 
“I just cannot express my appreciation for this wonderful energising Geomack. I hope you will publish my letter so that people will know what a health enhancing gadget it is.” 
Josette Sciberras, Malta

Application: Centre 
“ I wouldn’t have believed the difference a small box could make to my life and that of my family. I wish you every success in bringing the benefits of your products to a wider audience.” 
David Swindley, Renowned Hypnotherapist and psycho-dynamic counsellor, Bournemouth, Dorset, Untied Kingdom

Application: Home + Pets 
“I can recommend this system as helpful in every way in giving an air of tranquillity to a house, particularly one as busy as ours.” 
Ave, London, United Kingdom   

Application: Flat 
“Now I’ve got the Geomack installed in my flat I am definitely not going to move, which has saved me time, money and stress.” 
A. Smith, West Hampstead, London, United Kingdom                                   

Application: Feng Shui
“My life has turned round completely for the better, since I bought the Geomack and Feng Shui’d my home. Having lived with and without Geopathic Stress I know which I prefer. I have recommended Geomack to various clients and friends, who have all benefited from the Geomack range of products.” 
Carol Power, Feng Shui Consultancy, Liverpool, United Kingdom 


You can also purchase special EMF paints that you can paint on your walls and ceilings to further enhance your EMF protection. One of the companies that can help you with this as well as provide you with the paint and other materials is:

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