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Preventative Health Care Courses

2 Day Residential Introduction Workshops 

& Health Care Business Opportunity Overview

We run regular 'Introduction Workshops' where you can come and learn about all the products that we offer on our website, as well as taking part in  practical hands-on demonstrations.

The courses are run over 2 days and we offer 'Bed & Breakfast' at our farmhouse 'The Hough' - - which can sleep up to 6 people. There are also other very good local B&Bs available nearby, which we can book you into.

These courses are aimed at giving you a wide general overview of  information, efficacy and practical demonstrations of our preventative health care products and services. You do not need any experience to join the course and it is a perfect opportunity to learn more about preventative health care and personal health care as well as look at the future opportunities. The courses are a great way of getting up to speed on all the latest information regarding our range of personal preventative health care products and services.

This is also an opportunity to see if our products would interest you as a 'Business Opportunity', as you can purchase them Wholesale and sell them on at Retail. The final part of the workshop is where we explain the 'Business Opportunity' and the income potential, for those that might be interested. As not all visitors will be interested in this section, then they are free to leave at that time.

The Workshop Courses will cover information and practical interactive demonstrations on the following topics:
  • Earthing - The History as well as current and future applications. If you stay the night with us then you are free to try the earthing sheets and pillow cases out.
  • Geopathic Stress & Electro Stress - What they are, how to detect them and how best to protect yourself from them.
  • Immune System Protection - Information on how to protect, fortify and boost you Immune System.
  • Acid/Alkali Balance - The importance of a correct Acid/Alkali balance for your body and how to maintain the perfect balance.
  • Water Filters - The massive importance of making sure that you drink plenty of high quality filtered alkaline mineral water.
  • Super Green Foods - What are they, what are the choices and what to avoid.
  • Garlic - This is a well known plant which has some excellent beneficial effects. We show you the most potent and effective form to take.
  • Ionic Colloidal Silver - What it is, how it can help you ward off coughs and colds and demonstrations on how to safely make it yourself.
  • Pain Relief - An introduction & demonstration of the amazing power of SCENAR therapy - A handheld device that can relieve pain quickly.
  • Supplements - Which to take and which to avoid. This is a huge minefield that can have you wasting your pennies very quickly.
  • Juicing and Blending - A look at the best equipment for Juicing and Blending fruit & vegetables, including practical demonstartions, tasting and recipes.
  • Dowsing - a look at how dowsing with rods and pendula can help you to find answers to your questions and steer you in the right direction. Practical demonstrations will give you a chance to try out some of the dowsing equipment we have available.
  • Finally - A look at the 'Business Opportunity' using part or all of the above.
The workshops are designed to be fun and interactive. We make use of digital audio/visual projectors to help to get the message across to you. We also include 'Open Mic' sessions, so you can give your own experiences, feedback and any questions.

The courses are proving to be very popular, and since we are restricted to only taking a max of 10 people per course, please make sure that you book early to avoid disappointment.

We run the workshops during the week on Wednesdays / Thursdays as well as on some weekends covering Saturdays / Sundays. If you require accommodation then we have a number of runs in our own B&B, and we have access to other B&B's nearby and we can arrange that accommodation for you. We are based near the village of Malpas which lies on the South Cheshire / North Shropshire border.


The cost of the workshops are just £110 per person for the two days. B&B accommodation can be arranged if required from £47.50 per person per night for a twin or double room. If single occupancy the rate is £55.00 per person per night and includes a full farmhouse breakfast.
Whitchurch, Shropshire has a very good small railway station that has train connections to all parts of the country via Crewe and Shrewsbury. Taxis can be arranged to collect you from the Whitchurch Station which is only 15 minutes away.

The next workshop dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 1st October to Thursday 2nd October 2014
  • Saturday 4th October to Sunday 5th October 2014
The workshops start at 10am prompt on the first day and 9.15am on the following day.

Please call Nick on 01948 861169 if you are interested in attending one of the workshops or use our 'Contact Us' webform.

Thank you.

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